Monday, 7 August 2017

5 superlative ways to protect your Privacy on Social Media

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Social media networks have been developed with the aim of letting users share their favorite moments using photos, videos and posts. Various social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter allow people to share their birthday pictures, follow their favorite celebrities and connect with professionals in their field of work. Social media is also an important tool when it comes to hiring the right candidate for the required designation.

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However, social media is also ground zero for spammers and online hackers who want to gain unauthorized access to a user’s personal information. They can use social media to spread infected programs as well as malware and affect a large number of social media networks. One of the tactics used is first accessing the personal information of a person and then asking for ransom to release that information.
But, there is no need to worry as you can hire the service of a technical expert to provide complete protection to your social media accounts. We recommend contacting the highly efficient Norton tech support, who have a vast experience and team to handle such issues. You can always connect with our technical experts at the Norton technical support service. The experts at the Norton customer support have come up with easy-to-follow tips on securing their social media presence.

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Kindly follow the top 5 tips mentioned below to completely secure your digital presence.

 1.  Under any circumstances, do not share personal information. Avoid posting your home address, full birth name, name of employer or your exact location on any social media network.

 2.  Always keep a tab on the privacy settings being used by your social media network as these are often upgraded or changed time to time.

 3.  While creating your account on any social media network, ensure that you always use a combination of letters, symbols and alphabets to create a strong password.

 4.  Think twice before being a part of any online survey or taking quizzes.
 5.  Ensure that you have the latest antivirus or internet security software installed for your system.

However, if you are still facing any issues while trying to secure your social network accounts then contact the experts at the Norton tech support service.

How can I connect with an expert from McAfee tech support service?

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You can easily connect with one of our highly trained technical experts at the Norotn tech support service via the toll-free number (0-800-820-3300). Also, you can write about the issue bothering your digital media presence at( In case, you are looking for instant support then utilize the LiveChat feature available on our website.

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