Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to keep your family safe when online| Norton Technical Help Online

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The advent of internet technology has made it extremely easier for users to gain unlimited access to information. One of the boon that internet has given to the users is instant connectivity to any part of the world. A person sitting inside his hotel room in France can easily connect with his cousin working in New York in the blink of an eye using the internet. The tech smart children of the present generation have access to a wealth of knowledge faster than their previous generations. They can now connect with their college friends using Facebook and other social networking sites or upload photographs of their picnic on Instagram.

However, with fast connection and round-the-clock access to the internet also comes various online threats. Cyber-criminals utilize the internet as a potential weapon to gain access to a user’s digital footprints and gain unauthorized access to their profiles. A number of companies have already fallen prey to many online attacks where precious data was stolen from their servers. A majority of users have also faced the brunt of this when their email or social media account has been hacked.

But, with online threats on the rise there is also an increase in the knowledge on tackling such issues. A properly trained technical expert can quickly detect any anomalies being faced by the user and resolve the issue at hand. We recommend that you connect with the Norton support service who are specially trained to handle such issues.

How can I ensure total protection for my family when they are browsing the internet?

The highly efficient team at the Norton technical support service have years of experience when it comes to handling issues affecting your online browsing session. Our highly professional team consists of veterans who are trained to resolve such issues without any delay. The Norton tech support has come up with three effective tips to ensure maximum protection for your dear ones when looking for any information on the internet.

Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below to ensure maximum online safety for your loved ones;

  1)  Use password management
No need to create a number of different passwords for each social media account that you operate. Use a reputable password management application to create a strong password for all your online accounts. Connect with the effective Norton support service experts to know the best password management application.

 2)     Know phishing
Not every internet user is knowledgeable
enough about not clicking on a suspicious looking link. Always inform your family and loved ones not to click on any suspicious looking link or email attachment as these are sure ways to infect your computer with malware. You can rely on the expertise of Norton support experts to guide you on how to protect your system against malware.

 3). Protect your smartphones
Your latest smartphone is as much vulnerable to a malware infection as your computer system. Ensure that your smart device is always protected with a reputable anti-virus and internet protection suite. Contact the Norton tech support service to know about the best mobile security software.

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